we make it easy for you

EngageRocket takes less than 5 mins to set up. Leaders get continuous feedback from employees on matters like engagement and happiness with beautiful pulse surveys at with as little as 5 questions a week! 


For the good folks in HR
At last, an easy-to-use survey platform that gives more value with less admin work. 

EngageRocket has automated all the cumbersome processes so you can get started easily and see results right away. All you need to is your employee list and we will handle the rest. 

Oh, did we mention that we will push reports directly to managers and have a survey interface that employees will love? You can also customise questions or add your own if you like!  


For the people managers
Get the insights to build a great team

Get valuable feedback directly from your team in an anonymous way. EngageRocket will draw out the most important insights so you can act on what truly matters. 

You can review feedback at real time and find out where you stand compare to other teams or your company. EngageRocket lets you know what your team's strengths are and where opportunities lie as well.  


For the big bosses
Be rich with insights that not only retain your best performers but drive your bottom line

Implement change that truly matters to the people who will drive your revenue. It is more than a survey, it is about building great workplaces and will drive performance. 

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Discover insights, give your employees a voice

EngageRocket is a feedback and analytics platform that creates greater workplaces by developing research-backed, fully customisable employee surveys and making it simple for all. We create surveys throughout an employee's lifecycle that is designed to help you understand employees and sentiments so that you can make better decisions for your workplace. 

Ask great questions, get actionable ideas

Create your own questions, or simply use our library of questions backed by research and testing to ensure that you get the best insights. You will also receive actionable tips based on your results and gain access to our resource library for more ideas to implement. 


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Get quick insights with an automated process

Simply get started by uploading your employee list and everything else happens automatically. Staff receive weekly invites, reminders and reports are pushed to managers.

No more waiting around for results. Find out immediately with our real-time dashboard! Build a culture of continuous improvement and help leaders improve their management skills faster. 

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