EngageRocket Commitment to Anonymity

At EngageRocket, we work hard to keep things confidential. We believe that anonymity builds the foundation for honest and constructive feedback. To protect anonymity, we have put in place the following uncompromising practices:

  1. Responses are always anonymous unless specfied. Your managers or the programme administrator(s) will never see any individual responses.
  2. The comments to the open-ended questions will always be kept anonymous.
  3. Participation is also anonymous. Your manager or the programme administrator(s) can't see who did and who did not respond to EngageRocket. They are only able to see the aggregate participation.
  4. We don't reveal any results until at least three responses have been collected (with the exception of onboarding and exit interview modules).
  5. We stand behind our commitment to anonymity and we'd rather retire an account than breach anonymity. At the same time, EngageRocket is not an avenue for death threats, bomb threats, terror threats, harassment, or any other criminal or abusive comments. If your survey response falls under any of these categories, we will review the comments on a case-by-case basis and may reveal the identity of the commenter and / or remove them from active participation in EngageRocket.

We take anonymity very seriously. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about how EngageRocket protects anonymity, please contact us directly at hello@engagerocket.co.