we make it easy for you

EngageRocket takes less than 9 mins to set up. Leaders get continuous feedback from employees on matters like engagement and organisational change with beautiful pulse surveys. 


For the employees
Give feedback anonymously without a worry.

For the good folks in HR
At last, an easy-to-use survey platform that gives more value with less admin work. 

For the people managers
Get real-time insights to build a great team.

For the big bosses
Be rich with insights that not only retain your best performers but drive your bottom line.


Fully Automated

We handle all the admin so you can have a peace of mind.

People Analytics

No need for data crunching! We analyse and draw insights for you.

Validated Questions

We did the research and validation so you can ask the right questions.

Trending dashboard

Trend your data and track how you are performing over time.

Infinite data cuts

We provide the ability for you to slice and dice your data, however you want.

Heatmap Analysis

See immediately how well different areas within your organisation are doing.

Invite everyone

This means employees without email addresses too!

Unlimited surveys

You can send unlimited surveys, both continuous and one-offs.

Customised Tips

Receive management ideas and tips on what to do with your survey results.

Translated Questions

Our questions are in translations for your convenience!

Create Teams

Want a special report or to survey a specific team? We built in this flexibility.

PDF/Excel Export

Export your results in easy-to-read format and present it when necessary! 

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Friendliest Survey Interface


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Discover insights, give your employees a voice

EngageRocket is a feedback and analytics platform that creates greater workplaces by developing research-backed, fully customisable employee surveys and making it simple for all. We create surveys throughout an employee's lifecycle that is designed to help you understand employees and sentiments so that you can make better decisions for your workplace. 

Ask great questions, get actionable ideas

Create your own questions, or simply use our library of questions backed by research and testing to ensure that you get the best insights. You will also receive actionable tips based on your results and gain access to our resource library for more ideas to implement. 


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Get quick insights with an automated process

Simply get started by uploading your employee list and everything else happens automatically. Staff receive weekly invites, reminders and reports are pushed to managers.

No more waiting around for results. Find out immediately with our real-time dashboard! Build a culture of continuous improvement and help leaders improve their management skills faster. 

Help us understand your needs better, schedule a demo with us.